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  • Our deluxe tour is something extra special. We pair age statement whiskey’s with the best of artisan Irish Cheese & handmade Irish chocolate, so you get to enjoy the best of our Irish heritage in great surroundings. This is a bespoke tour of Dublin's best whiskey establishments and all tours are guaranteed to whet your appetite for more liquid gold.

  • We have spent countless hours making the choices that you will get to enjoy. We have worked with the Celtic Whiskey Shop, Cocoa Atelier, Sheridan’s Cheesemongers and countless whiskey aficionados to craft this special tour.

  • If you would like to request a private tour, please use our contact page to see if we can arrange.


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Alkaen EUR 69

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The Lincolns Inn - Bar 1 - Sample 3 Irish Whiskeys - Here you will get to pair beautiful Irish food with mouth-watering Irish whiskeys. All while relaxing in one of the best whiskey venues in Dublin.

The Palace Bar - Bar 2 - Sample 1 Irish Whiskey - We head on over to The Palace Bar, which is one of the best-kept secrets in Dublin. A proper whiskey establishment, the owner Willie has hand select the next whiskey for you to try. After you have some liquid refreshment, your guide will regale you with stories from the area. 


  • City Centre Location - All our bars are in Dublin's city centre

  • Best Whiskey Venues - The Lincolns Inn & The Palace Bar.

  • Quality Irish Whiskey - Taste 5 Whiskey's paired with quality Irish produce - Hand selected by the best in the business

  • Professional Tour Guides - Local guides with a passion for whiskey & Dublin

  • Artisan Cheese - Supplied by Sheridan's Cheesemonger's

  • Handmade Chocolate - Supplied by Cocoa Atelier




  1. The Lincolns Inn
  2. Bowes Whiskey Lounge